Announcing the Class of 2015 Ambrose Portraits Senior Rep Program!

We're not looking for the seniors with the best grades. We're not looking for the seniors that are the most popular. We're looking for the seniors that do the coolest stuff.

We're completely over boring poses and stale smiles. We're looking for artists, athletes, or performers. We want skateboarders or car restorers.

What you get

You get:

A full-on portrait session that highlights your unique interests at no cost.

Three 8x10s and three 5x7s, and (as with all of our portrait sessions) you get all of the edited high-res images.

A stack of "rep" cards that have your photo on the front and contact info for Ambrose Portraits on the back.

NO Obligation to do anything once the session is over.

If at least ten of your friends sign up for paid portrait sessions, you'll get a $500 scholarship.  The scholarship is paid as a check made out to the college, university, or trade school of your choice. 

How to apply

As with all things Ambrose-related, the application process is pretty simple.

Send us an email ( or a message on Facebook.

Tell us a little about yourself.  Are you cool to work with?  Most importantly, what are the activities you participate in that would make cool photos?  Are you uniquely skilled at these activities?  Do you have access to cool places to shoot?  (Examples include stadiums, auditoriums, factories, warehouses, swanky clubs, etc.) Feel free to send photos (snapshots with your phone are fine) if it will help us understand.

We'll deliberate for a while (probably a couple of weeks) and get back to everyone, chosen or not, using the same messaging tactic you used to contact us.

Lastly, because we use this program as a way to spread the word about our awesomeness, special consideration will be given to applicants that help spread the word about this program.

Go get 'em, class of 2015!

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