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Meet the Grahams

We've been married for kind of a long time, and we dated for a long time before that. We met in high school math class. Jen got an A. Luke failed. (True story.)

The name "Ambrose" comes from the teddy bear that Jen gave Luke when he moved away to college. (There's a funny story about the name that includes really bad Spanish, but you kinda had to be there.)

We've got four little kids and one on the way. (Crazy, huh? We can't believe it either.) They're beautiful and brilliant, and frequently the models for crazy photo projects. 

We both grew up in the Portland area and came to Albuquerque after Utah Valley and Austin, Texas.

Luke started photography with his dad's Pentax K1000 that he borrowed for a darkroom class in high school. He never gave the camera back, which he always felt bad about, until he realized that he shoots his family's portraits now for free when everyone is together, so that kind of makes up for it, right? 

Luke is a skateboarder, Jen is a jock. She'll play whatever sport she can find. (She played soccer in college. She gets embarrassed when I brag about her, though.) We love camping and hiking and exploring the wilds of New Mexico. Jen is really into healthy living, and Luke puts up with it because she's a REALLY good cook.

We really specialize in pictures of people. We have a site specifically for Luke's more experimental work. Check out to see some... other... stuff.

We shoot Canon.

We edit our own photos.

We're not very good with social media, so please forgive us when we go months without posting. :(

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